Luna Park
Luna Park is an imaginary immersive theme park that showcases the coexistence of both joy and sorrow within a single place. Its goal is to illustrate the absurdity of our technologically advanced, interconnected world in a whimsical and nostalgic manner. This virtual reality experience is a component of a broader multimedia installation that features video projections, animations, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality technologies as well.
Tools: Unity, Maya
Global Pattern
The installation named Global Pattern features an augmented reality artwork that showcases a Persian rug composed of numerous brand logos. I integrated traditional symbolism and ironic elements of consumer culture to create this dynamic AR piece. 
Tools: Adobe Aero, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects.
The Artifacts of Trauma
The Artifacts of Trauma is an immersive experience that harnesses the potential of virtual reality to explore creative avenues in tackling societal concerns and fostering empathy through storytelling. I aimed to employ virtual reality to develop a profound and meaningful experience that would enable individuals to understand and relate to the stories of the aftermath of war and trauma.
Tools: Unity, Maya, Adobe Premiere
Green Hope
Green Hope is a virtual reality installation that draws from the memories of recent Iranian history. I intend to recall a historical and socio-political perspective by revisiting real-life events from the Green Movement uprising of 2009. The aim is to explore the delicate balance between external destruction and internal creation through reflection on the past.
Tools: Unity, Maya
Softwar[e] is an immersive installation created in collaboration between R Ebtehaj, L Khatibi, Y Liu, F Feng, and C Dantas and exhibited at the B4bel4b Gallery in Oakland, CA. The project looked poetically at the authoritarian control of information for people enduring geographical predetermination or exploitation by opaque, algorithm-driven societies. The installation employs various technologies, including VR, WebVR, and video projection, to provide a fully immersive experience.
Tools: Unity, Sketchup, A-frame
Little Big Planet
Little Big Planet is an interactive and fully immersive experience aimed at expanding the boundaries of art beyond traditional gallery spaces, without the need for physical contact. The user is transported into an underwater fantasy world, where they can look around by simply clicking/tapping and dragging. 
Tools: A-frame, HTML/CSS/JS, Maya
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